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Friday, March 25, 2005

Sweet Hangover

My head is splitting in two this morning, and it feels like I downed half a bottle of Herradura tequila last night. Quick inventory. What did I do? Oh yeah, went over to Kristin's for a knit night and the whole famdamily of gangsta knitters showed up. We were missing a few comrades, but if they'd shown up we would have had to put people in the bathroom.
Oh, mah god. My hangover is from laughter. I know Mary Englebreit's got that cute magnet that says "When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on"? Well, peeps, when I reach the end of my rope, I go down in a blaze of gunfire, sharp-tongued observations and maniacal laughing. Think Bruce Willis in the original Die Hard. Yippee Kiyay.

I can't even capture the individual quotes and string them together to have them make sense. I remember shouting at Abbey "HEY, Only Child Bitch!" (Dont worry, I'm one too.) There was also a lot of discussion and jokes about the room Abbey & I are getting at Two Rivers, our local mental health facility. My chief complaint about our plans to stay there is that they do NOT have spa services, and the rooms do NOT look very luxurious. It also looks like they might have meetings and interventions and such, and I need to make sure I tell them when I check in that I'm NOT going there for that, the last thing I need is another fucking meeting.

So, praise the heavens, I'm laughing again, I'm feeling a bit more like the phoenix, and so perhaps I can rise this weekend myself. I've got a craving for the Herradura tequila now, but I bet they don't let you bring it in to Two Rivers.....

For everyone who commented & wrote me, thank you! And on the puking dog front, Polly recovered beautifully - was her adorable loving self the following morning, albeit a bit hungry. :) Meanwhile, I'm off to work. Yes, off to work. You mean some people get today off? Huh? I am SO taking one of those mental health days soon.
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