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Friday, March 18, 2005

Lil' Big House

I saw on my Yahoo news that Lil' Kim was convicted of lying about some lil' ol' thing like a shootout to something as inconsequential as a lil' ol' grand jury..... and that she could actually be sent to PRISON! I tell ya, I'm pretty sure that girl could get scrappy in a prison yard scuffle, and she might prove to be very inventive when it comes to fashioning her own stylish line of shanks, but I have YET to see a prison uniform that allows you to WEAR PASTIES. I'm thinking prison could give her the opportunity to wear the most amount of clothing she's, like, ever worn in her LIFE.

And then, when she gets released, and she wears bright orange pasties & a g-string that one of the other inmates crocheted for her? Alllll of the knitting & yarn companies will scramble to make their own versions available to the public. Maybe she will even go on Martha's new show and they can have a "prison segment" with knitting, gardening, and smuggling how-to tips. Lil' Kim reportin' from the Pokey, with Pasties in Prison and Shower Takedown Strategies.
posted by PlazaJen, 9:44 AM