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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Suck THIS, Freud

In the spirit of continuing to tell people about my only-interesting-to-me dreams, despite my father's admonishment otherwise, I will share with you last night's dreama: I was in line at a very cool restaurant, that was a to-go sort of place. This restaurant does not exist in real life. But I placed an order, because I was going to bring food home for James & I, and the cashier rang it up. $26.58. Or something close on the cents, I know it was $26 dollars & change. I handed over my debit card. They ran it through and THEN?! and THEN?! The cashier wrote in on the tip line, $13.42! And handed it over to me to sign. I said, "What are you doing?" to which he casually replied, "We automatically calculated the tip for you!"
I was all "What the HELL? That is half the bill! I'm not signing that." And, just like I would in real life, I got the manager.

The manager re-rings my order, and then takes my card, and when the printout comes up, WRITES IN THE EXACT SAME TIP AMOUNT, $13.42!!!! I was so angry, there was lots of blathering and spluttering on my part, and eventually, I left without signing anything or getting any food. On my way home, a second restaurant, just like the first, appeared, and I went in and told them what happened, because there were Great Wrongs taking place and I thought the NuPlace manager could perhaps call corporate or something - and it turns out? They knew there was a restaurant doing this scam, under the same name as them, and they told me the other place was totally shady and trying to rip people off and most people don't catch it when they sign for their meal.

But not me, even in my sleep. I get all UP in the manager's ass, and make a scene. Poor JWo. He would have moved to the guest bedroom if he'd had any idea the ruckus I was creating in dreamland - he always sidles away when I get my I-Demand-Customer-Service-NOW hat on......
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