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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Button, Button, Who's Got The Button?

Well, if it's a buttonhole bag, a la Mason-Dixon Knitting, then I guess I've got TWO! My knit friend Leslie made several of these, and they are so cute, I had to jump in and play.
If you decide you wanna play, too, then here's the pattern.
The first one I made has a little more "character", because I was teaching a continental knitting class while I was working on it, and I mad-hatter free-wheelin' used my bag to illustrate various things. I then ripped it all out, but didn't rip it quiiiite far back enough and so I got a protrusion on one side, with an indentation on the other. Must've been showing how to decrease or something. O well! I don't really care, and if it does end up driving me crazy, I'll cut the thing into coasters or potholders. :) I used Brown Sheep in a dark navy, light blue & orange. I had to incorporate the light blue, because I felt like just dark blue and orange would come out a little too “DA Bears”.

The second bag was knit much taller, as you can see in the pre-felting picture - and it came out a nice-sized handbag. Good for weekend play. My current focus is on Folly, and trying to get the sleeves done this weekend, so I can start seaming & doing the collar. I am starting to think I won't get to wear the sweater before next Winter, but, I still feel the need to finish 'er up before beginning anything else overly ambitious.

Because I can't have just ONE thing going, though, I am working on Anouk, and while the Pima Tencel cotton is loverly and smooth and soft, it just reinforces my dislike of working with cotton. So hrmph on that, good thing it's for a baby, right?

In other news, my husband has decided to grow Giant Pumpkins. Giant. Like he'll be happy if he gets a 300-pounder, but the real competitors grow pumpkins in excess of a 1,000 pounds. You know, we all have our obsessions. This one's funny and charming and makes me love him even more. I'm sure there will be pictures to come as that project progresses! :)
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