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Thursday, March 10, 2005

I Dub Thee "Clogger"

Boy, let's hope I don't meet Blogger on the street. It might plummet into a scene out of "Fight Club" and let me tell you, I'll be the one playing Edward Norton, stompin' Blogger's butt. I'm one of those incredibly selfish, foot-stomping 8 year olds, who expects her internet and websites to work ALL THE TIME, NO MATTER WHAT. Yesterday, I left SIXTEEN comments on Leah's blog (sorry Leah, I'm not doing a link right now because Blogger will probably puke on my shoes if I get all "wild-n-crazy" with the html sheeit.) Today, I tried to leave one on beer girl's (again, no links! Blogger is sensitive, like Nathan Lane playing a damn Broadway orchid!) and it was dayumned funny, and I got error message after error message. Rather than leave a comment there 110x, I decided to post a Blogger Bitchslap. Because I rely on this site WAY too much, probably falls under "addiction" in that big book they use for diagnosing all your mental problems. So when Her Highness doesn't get her fix, Her Highness gets all schoolyard brawlin' and sassy.
Oh, and beer girl? Here's what I was trying to say: the good thing about the Banc du Jen is that a) the loan officer always forgets about the loan, immediately and b) the only interest is - you guessed it - beer points!
Now, let's see if this bitch'll fly and post or if I'm going to have to hold my breath & turn blue.
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