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Saturday, March 05, 2005

In Defense of Wo

James has pointed out, several times this week, that last year he planted a big ol' bed of asparagus, FOR ME, and it was the hardest thing he put in the garden, because the holes had to be really deep. (and of course you can't even get asparagus the first year you plant it.) So despite it not being HIS favorite veggie, he planted me a great big bunch, because he loves me and he loves to garden.

He is also developing an overwhelming obsession with growing giant pumpkins. He is currently germinating seeds from parent pumpkins that weighed 200#-750#. Perhaps we'll get one big enough to build into a car, and we'll drive that until it starts to sag on the sides! (How do you get insurance on that vehicle? Collision would be a bitch. "Hi, uh, American Family? I just drove my pumpkin to work and got broadsided by a Ford Festiva, and uh, it's all in pieces on the road. Can we salvage for pies? Yes, I'll hold. No, I'm not Cinderella.")
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