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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Ladies First, LADIES First!

Did you know that some foods are inherently "girly"? I made James a salad long ago that involved mandarin oranges and he was non-plussed, to say the least. We were only dating at the time, and he was polite about it, but explained that "fruit in salad is more a girl thing."

Then, tonight, I was sauteeing asparagus with garlic, olive oil & lemon. James stated that it wasn't his favorite vegetable, as he considers it more a "girl's vegetable." WE-HE-ELL. I was not aware there was a machismo/feminine nature in the world of veggies. More asparagus for me! (After all, I am a girl!)

The ultimate in "feminine" consumables came when I brought home a new tea. "Can I have a cup of your new tea?" he asked. It was fancy lookin'. Here's a picture:

Lavender & Chamomile Tea (in the blue tin) Posted by Hello

He took a couple sips and looked at me. "This is really girly tea. Flowery. I mean, REALLY girly. Like, ULTRA-GAY GIRLY."

And this is all coming from a man who only drank Zima and Boone's Farm when we first met. Mmmhmm. MANLY drinks.

Good thing I don't make a mandarin orange-asparagus salad, he'd probably grow boobs and get mad for no reason halfway through dinner. ;)
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