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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Sunny Saturday

I love Saturdays! I love bacon! :) James is kindly cooking me some bacon and the smell of it is making me giddy. High on life, high on bacon. Who needs that black tar heroin, folks?

It's always fun to do pictures. I'm posting a picture of the in-progress socks for James, who requested "Black and yellow socks, please." I said, "You realize you will have bumblebee socks?" "Yes, that's fine." I'm using Regia self-striping, and these are definitely socks with character. I always do both socks at the same time, and am partial to two circs. Both skeins seemed to start at the same point, but as you can see, not quiiiiiiite. One had a little more black at the beginning of the skein, and so when I finished the heel & joined the instep, one sock has even a little more character than the other! A little jaunty strip of yellow marching across the instep. I sorta like it, but I did offer to -shudder- duplicate stitch it if he didn't like it. Actually, that was before bacon or coffee, that offer. So it would actually make more sense to just take a Sharpie to it. But it doesn't matter, we're leaving them as they are. Yay! Socks!

Then, we have a few pictures of my friend Kyra's dogs. They are SO FUNNY! I just love 'em. The first time I saw them, they were all perched on the couch, at various levels, staring intently at someone who was eating. They are intense little dogs, and they make me laugh laugh laugh. Thursday night, I gave Sammy a modified hairdo - I swirled his hair on top of his head into a bit of a mohawk. He was lookin' fierce. Kyra's got stories for each of her dogs, as Tommy makes belts in Guatemala and sells them on the beach, Barkley's a math professor, and Sammy's exact story escapes me, but he wears tough guy clothing, I recall that much.

Inspired, I told James last night that Polly wants to take guitar lessons, but Suzy only wants to learn bass. We got at least 30 minutes of laughter out of that with more to come, I'm sure.

Enjoy your Saturday. Get some fresh air. Eat some bacon. Love the good people in your life and forget about everything else.
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