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Thursday, February 24, 2005


I've turned into a crazy lady, and I don't care. So let's get that out there and done with, right off the bat. I carry a little spiral notebook with me everywhere, because otherwise, thoughts, things I need to buy, things I need to do - all fall right out my various head holes and onto the ground and my little gnomes don't leave the body to go and grab them again. So I jot. I scribble. I list. Sometimes it's about things I want to blog, or things to buy at CostCo, or that I need to go buy one more button at Urban Arts & Crafts. See! Right there! I'd already forgotten about that, and I promise you, I will forget again.

So, I will use my notebook at any point in time - even while driving. That requires a certain kind of shorthand and finesse all at once. But this is why: there was a cah-ray-zay license plate the other day and I could NOT figure out what in the hell it was supposed to be telling me. I still can't. So if this makes sense to you, or you have a guess, leave a comment!

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