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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Fingerless Gloves, Pictures Galore

So I tried my hand (cough) at a pair of fingerless gloves, and ended up creating my own pattern. Which still needs fiddling with, and the fact that I'm going keep messing with the pattern until I'm happy with it flies completely in the face of my style, "Come out swinging and don't look down!" But I'm going to do it, because a) I don't want to rip these out and b) I want to have a pattern that I've made and I'm happy with! Bravissimo. And I got TWO requests in one night for more pictures. Therefore, I give you pictures of the original prototypes for Jen's Fingerless Gloves, ribbed and beaded for your pleasure. :)

When I re-work these, I will have at least two more columns of beads. A shout goes out to my friend Chewdy for spending the time with me to show me some smart stuff about knitting with beads.

The yarn is from Knit Picks, it is the softest sock yarn - their Sock Landscapes, in the "Spring Prairie" colorway. I LOVE IT! I got some more in the Rocky Mountain Dusk to make the Clapotis that is sweeping the knitting knation by storm.

And as you can see, Miss Polly gives them a seal of approval and pronounces them "Tasty".

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