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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I DO knit .....

It's funny, somewhere along the ride I intended this blog to be 90% knitting and the rest just flotsam and jetsam. Turns out I've flipped the ratios, so I thought I should do a quick Knittin' Update.
Nearly Done: Self-designed, ribbed and BEADED (for my pleasure) fingerless gloves. Of course as I finally get down to the knitty-gritty and try them on, I find myself wishing I'd done another column of beads. Sigh. Not so much I'll rip them back out. All I have to do are the thumbs and presto, Rocky, I'm done! Pics to come.
Still Slogging: My Folly. I want this sweater to be done. Teeth-gnashingly so. Not in a bad way, just an anxious, eh, come ON self, get this sweater done, with our Faux Spring days, I'm feeling the pressure of fewer cold days left and thus opportunity to wear this sweater.

I'm gone this weekend to Rocheport, MO, where I'm meeting up with some fellow knitters from the Ample Knitters list, and we're going to have a great time. I'm hoping with all the time to focus on knitting, I'll get the Folly that much closer to completion.

In the wings, waiting to leap onto needles:

-Bumblebee socks for JWo. (He wanted black and yellow socks. I will knit him some. Found some self-striping yarn, he will be buzzin'.)
-Maple Leaf scarf in some yummmy Lorna's Laces
-Something springy/summery! And I will be shopping from my stash for the project, oh yes I will!
-Oh, and one of those popular Buttonhole Bags from Mason-Dixon knitting. I like anything with such immediate gratification!
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