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Friday, February 11, 2005

Careful What You Wish For

A work meeting degenerated into a funny discussion the other day, centering on all the horrible things we wanted to have happen to us when we were kids, because we were stupid and didn't know any better. Confessions Revealed: I wanted mumps like NOBODY'S business. I even tied bandanas around my head (under my chin) to see what that would feel like & play Pretend Mumps. I wanted to stay home from school and be waited on, I think. Something that is still on the top of my list, but I would rather be fine & dandy, not laid up with the mumps. Both of us wanted a broken limb - again, something we never got - for the attention and the Glorious Cast-Signing that seemed to accompany everyone else who was "lucky" enough to break an arm or a leg. (Bonus: with a leg injury, came the covetous CRUTCHES!) I wanted a back brace, because the prettiest girl in school had a slight curvature in her spine & she had one, therefore it was THE thing to covet. We both wanted braces, or at least a retainer. Apparently she would undo her notebook wire & make Faux Braces. I just wanted those adorable, colored rubber bands. Of course we know better now, and there are days I find myself beseeching all that is powerful in the universe to keep me from falling down and having to experience even a mild sprain. But, when you're young, you're rather idiotic, and I guess that's why it's so funny to look back on it all now, knowing just how ludicrous those wishes were.

The winner in this pitiful comparison? My friend wanted headgear.

I am still laughing. She wins.
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