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Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

I believe in fate (or Fate, however you like it), to some extent. I think things happen (or don't happen) because something else is waiting to unfold. There have been things I've wanted in my life, jobs, relationships - that didn't pan out. I think on both of those fronts, I needed to wait and meet JWo, which is why I didn't get that glamorous job in San Francisco, and moved to Kansas City, instead. So, for some time, JWo has expressed his desire to own a Bowflex, and we started discussing it again this month, what with a tax refund on the horizon, and the fact they sell them that at the other powerful force in my life, CostCo.

So when we got home on Monday night, remember, that half-priced drink night? We'd run to CostCo first, for recordable DVDs they don't sell, and other stuff we immediately needed - and as we exited, we were handed the Joyous Sheet of Coupons, and later that night we discovered the message being sent to us: $150 off a BowFlex. Next week. See? I am meant to have the body of a 50-year-old grandmother. Can you believe it? I'm still reeling.
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