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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Nut Jobs, Half Price

There's no sweeter sound than your waitress saying, "All Liquor's Half Off Tonight", and that one small sentence sent our entire evening skittering in a brand new, unexpected direction. Not really *that* dramatic, however, it did entice me to switch from the standby iced tea to a drink called a "Nut Job". A frothy, creamy blend of almond liqueur, creme de cacao, vodka?, ice cream, an almond joy and who knows what else, they were half price and dammit, it was a Grim Monday. After the first one? It felt like Thursday night. Woo hoo! Nut jobs for everybody!

We were at Houlihan's to celebrate Gordon's 30th birthday - and we didn't anticipate the fact that ten people can not all fit in a booth. (They only have booths at Houlihan's, an odd decision for a restaurant in one of the fatter U.S. cities, but hey, they were spacious booths at least.) So we occupied two adjoining booths in the corner, and had a fantastic meal, great company & yummy food. I was really impressed with the service & the value we got - hubby got two LITER-sized Long Island Iced Teas for $5.75. Total. That whole "half-off" deal, workin' in our favor! Poor James. He met me at my office and we raced around before going to dinner, and he plumb forgot he'd still have to drive home. When I reminded him, it was like I dragged the needle straight across the Record of Fun. Whoops! Sorry sweetie! I stuck to my foofy drink, the Nut Job, and of course, all the accompanying jokes. It was a Nut Job with a bit of a kick, despite being "foofy"! At one point I said, "Now, that's the NUT JOB talkin', of course." and they all pointed at me with knowing looks. MMMhhhhm, the nut job HERSELF speaks.....

Anyhoo. Nut Jobs? On a dismal gray Monday? Greatest Drink EVER!
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