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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Reason # 147 Why I Am Not A Secret Agent

.....or a Double Agent, or a Triple-Secret Black Ops Agent.

Two out of five nights a week, I exit the little concrete structure that connects all the parking garage levels - and I have NO IDEA where my car is. I stop. I mutter. Never mind that in most instances, a mere 4 hours earlier, I had returned from Lunch, parked the vehicle in question, and no, I do not have a Do-It-Yourself-Lobotomy Kit at my desk. So I veer in one direction, ambling along, until I round the corner and see, no, my car is not there, therefore, logic dictates it is in the OTHER direction. Oh ho, yes, there it is. Shuffle, shuffle.

And by that point, the Bad Guys would have caught up with me, riddled my body with bullets, and stolen all of the Crucial Documents and Computer Files.

Agent Sidney Bristow ALWAYS knows where her ride is.
posted by PlazaJen, 8:39 AM