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Saturday, January 29, 2005

My Life As A Dog.....

OK, if my dogs had opposable thumbs & knew how to knit? Our daily journals for today would be identical:
8:45 a.m., woke up. Puttered around and made coffee (ok, the dogs don't drink coffee. Tap water is their beverage of choice.) Watched TV. Knit. Ate leftovers (just me. dogs got chew sticks.) Got on the Computer (Polly's working on learning Adobe Photoshop because she thinks the pictures I take of her could be enhanced a bit more.) Knit. Took nap. Long nap. Awesome nap. Best nap ever. Woke up. Ate more food (everybody did). Watched more tv. More Knitting. Back on computer (Suzy is interested in researching bigger-screen tv's, because her pillow is in front of our main tv, and she knows we could do better.), and tonight's agenda looks familiar to the day's: more computer, getting caught up on TV taped stuff, KNITTING! and noshing. Except the dogs will get their ginormous bones when we go back downstairs, and me? I don't like to chew on those so much. And then another night of sleeping, and I can say after the week I've just had? I love my life as a dog.

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