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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Flying Under The Radar With Stealth Socks

OK, I totally mis-read a spam email subject line this morning. Apparently it was about stocks, not socks, but I like my version better. I think a sock design is in order, post-haste, to create some Stealthy Socks. I'm not sure what would be included in such a design, but isn't that the joy of creativity and dreaming?

Reason #491 why I love my husband:
Back story: I sit in an office. With a door. I'm lucky. However, I have people on either side of me, who, yesterday, were having GLORIOUS DAYS. So much laughing, so much levity, so much loudness - it doesn't matter if the door is open or shut! If you read my blog regularly, you know that yesterday was NOT a glorious day for me, but in fact, a day of Reckoning and Brimstone, shooting out of my eyes. So, do not paint me the Evil Beyotch (yet), I support anyone who can have a Glorious Day With Much Laughter and The Laughing That Never Ends, because it's important to be happy. However, it is much like being the child who is chained in at recess, facing the windows, with a thousand repetitive sentences to write, the whole time watching others shout and run and whack the tetherball, WITH GLEE. So my teeth lost a micron of enamel yesterday.
Back to reason #491. I called home around 7, as I was getting ready to leave, and informed Hubby that I was stopping at a large discount retailer on the way home, to purchase HEADPHONES. He said, "You know what else you should buy for you?" (I said, "What?") "You should buy that new Snow Patrol album."
OOOOOOOOH he knows me well. It had arrived from Amazon/CDNow the day before & I'd forgotten to mention I bought it. Mostly because it's not his kinda music. "I already have it, but thank you, so much. It's awesome, and I love that you think of these things, even if I've already gone & bought it." Which is one of his more frustrating experiences with me - it's tough to buy me stuff, because (JUST LIKE MY FATHER) I go and get whatever I want. (within reason, can I just point that out? I don't buy gemstone jewelry or really expensive gadgets.)

MiniRant of the Day: Simple Life Interns, Paris & Nicole. Please, please, can we send them into outer space & lose the camera connection? These two have no discernable talent, really, nothing except marginal fame, skinny asses and way too much money. They make my eyes burn. The only other rant I have is I put too much product in my hair and it's crunchy. Gak.

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