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Saturday, January 22, 2005

A Secret Garden

Last night in the car, James was talking about a message Tim had left him re: hunting this weekend. "He said, 'Houston, we have a problem'." and he went on to talk about the weather & winds and such. If you're a smart monkey like me, you'll connect the dots and that line is practically the title of yesterday's blog! And Tim (after helping move the sofa in) had been on my computer. It's a funny thing, this blog. Something like an exhibitionist diary, and everyone uses theirs differently. When I started, basically it was two-three people reading my blog - friends at work & knitters. And it took a while for the BlogAddiction to set in. Not that I was keeping anything a secret from my husband, per se, I just hadn't gotten to the point of saying, Hey, check out my blog! And six months later & a daily obsession of writing in it now seemed a little late, like there WAS a secret. But secrets often seem like they're bad, and they aren't, always. Like one of my favorite children's books, The Secret Garden, where there is this great sanctuary with tangled beauty and imperfections and a place of healing. (Ok, I give my blog a LEETLE more credit than it may deserve. Stay with me.)
So partway through dinner I asked, "Have you been reading my blog?" and it turns out no, he hadn't, but I gave him the address & he went through a bunch of it last night (me on the other computer, nervous, wondering if I'd inadvertantly upset him accidentally or else he'd want to edit my writing. I'm a paranoid sort.) Honestly, he mostly skimmed, reading for entries about him (and while that made me laugh, and I protested there is MORE TO ME THAN YOU, BUSTER, it's exactly what I would have done.) And then you know what? Turns out HE started a blog before I did. But. Only one entry! The first entry! We chuckled, and I made sure he read the blog in October where I wrote about how much I love him & how overwhelming that love feels sometimes, because I really value the written word, and while it's more time consuming, I think it's still the best way I can really clarify & elucidate what I think and feel. And I'm glad he's reading my stuff now - after all, we spent the first couple of years of our relationship communicating primarily through the computer via IM and email, during the week & on weekends we didn't see each other. I hope he picks his own blog back up, because he also loves to write, and I'd love to read what he has to say. :)

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