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Monday, January 17, 2005

Happy MLK Day, or I Have A Headache, pick one.

Man, I hate weekends where I anticipate being really productive, and then I'm not & all I'm left with is a house to clean, forty acres of laundry & a clingy dog. I took today off to be productive AND relax - my massage is in an hour & a half. Bless the massage therapists of the world. Their work is infinitely more important than mine.

Yesterday, we went to the Studio's sale, and I bought a bunch o' stuff - thank goodness I was paying cash, because the line for the other register was so long, I might have committed hari kari with my size 17 circs I was buying. And it's a bitch getting blood out of bamboo. Plus those suckers are EX-PEN-SIVE, even at 25% off.

I love a sale - but that space is too small for me to love anything about the experience. It was clogged. And when it's that busy, and there are that many people, you do not have the luxury to just move about and drift as you would like, or to stand back from the bins & hold yarns out, peering at them from every angle. That is what you do on every other day - when there's not a sale. You have to be efficient, you can't block the entire aisle, you have to move somewhat quickly. I swear, there were people there who thought they were the only ones in the store. Some of them were on their cell phones, idly blathering about non-knitting things, and blocking people's way to get at stuff. It was SO FRUSTRATING. It gave me the Foulest Mood I Could Not Shake, and I was already dealing with some other stuff that was depressing, so I was BadCompany. Despite that, I still went to brunch with the gals, where apparently an entire freshman class of men also decided to dine. The line? Like the Studio's. But it got better, and I got some caffeine, and I went home & took a four hour nap. I woke up this morning with a pounding headache, and three Excederin later, I am just now starting to feel like there might be hope left for this day. And I have a dream, that someday, allllll my yarn will be knit into perfectly-fitting garments, and I will have alllllll my laundry done. I HAVE A DREAM.

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