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Friday, January 14, 2005

Another Thing Only I Will Find Funny:

When I visited my pal Sheila in Seattle a few years ago, their transit system was undergoing a change. As in the phone system you call in to, to hear routes & times & such. (Can I just shout really quickly how much I MISS GOOD PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? I checked into it here & it would not only require three buses & getting up at 5 a.m. to get to work on time, I'd have to leave every day at 4:15. Riiiiiight.)
Back to the Seattle public transit. So you call this number & enter in information, and then this automated person tells you bus information and times and such. And when they were converting it, they ended up having two sources for the voice information, because they were converting from this harsh Nurse-Cratchett-Beyotch-sounding lady, to this very smooooth, calm sounding lady. With really erratic pauses.
The result? (shout the angry voice in caps, use smooth calm voice for lowercase.)

BUS number 22 WILL BE AT the intersection of MAIN and 30th street at ELEVEN thirty A.M. thank you.

It was like public transit information for schizophrenics, or manic depressives! But lordy did we giggle.
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