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Friday, January 14, 2005

It's Not Just For Fridays Anymore

After my spate of being grouchy & resentful & not-happy looking, I decided Fridays are for being grateful & reflecting on positive things.
I offer into evidence the following, supporting the concept that the end of the world is not lurking around the corner:
1. I'm taking Monday off. Right there, we've swept half the negativity RIGHT off the board.
2. I'm getting a massage on Monday. I hear you saying "ooooh", I do!
3. There's a yarn sale at The Studio starting Sunday & the KC Hip Knit Chicks are descending when the doors open, and going for brunch afterwards.
4. The gay men & Shell Dawgg & I are all getting together for fondue & appetizers on Saturday.
5. I will have oodles of time to myself for knitting & catching up on tv!
6. The work that got shelved & caused a mini-snit got reapproved & I got to toss money from the sky to everyone, including the French-speaking class act guy.
7. My Giant Box O' Calphalon arrived today & I got $370 worth of commercial-grade pans for $80 on amazon AND free shipping. Whatadeal!

Well, I know there's a lot more out there that's worth my gratitude. Most of all it's having so many people in my life who care about me & appreciate me and want to see me happy & enjoy laughing at my jokes, as blue or shocking as they can be sometimes. So I will end with a special shout to Kristin who always asks me, "WHERE IS YOUR COAT?"
Kristin, I wore my coat today. Thank you for not wanting me to die of pneumonia.
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