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Saturday, January 08, 2005

SAturday IN the house, I think it's the 8th of January

I LOVE SATURDAYS! And this Saturday, I get to sit & watch tv & knit from the new loveseat or the new giant chair. This furniture is SO much bigger than our old furniture, it's crazy. I'm going to have to seriously re-think the arrangement of everything in the room, because it's just that big. (Funny how it didn't seem that big in the enormous, airy, spacious showroom!)
I'm going to finish the Foxy Red Heart Novelty Yarn scarf, and then keep slogging on the Folly cardigan fronts. I am going to have to break down & do some scribble lace soon, or at least get some socks going, because I can't just do stockinette stitch in gray (no matter how soft the yarn is!) without something else with quicker gratification to distract me.
I'm going to post a few pix right now - I had fun being "arteestic" yesterday, both picking photos to take, and then editing them on the computer. The ice storm is gonna melt over the next couple of days, and my camera's not fancy enough to find the beauty in the coming mudhole.....but don't you worry, hubby said another ice storm's coming next week, and you know what that means, right? DON'T PUT DOWNED POWER LINES IN YOUR MOUTH alerts, all night long.
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