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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Les Bon Temps Roulez

Yesterday was a BummerDay, because of all the amassed work - work that piled up waiting while I'd dropped everything & done a bunch of other work for two days prior AND SUNDAY (on a market that's not even mine. Can you smell what the martyr is cookin'?). What made it all even more depressing was that the two days' worth of work PLUS SUNDAY got put ON HOLD by the client, which is their prerogative, of course, as they hold the checkbook, but still, I, as worker bee, get to say THAT BLOWS. So today, I sent emails to the people in the market, letting them know why they weren't getting windfalls of money from the sky, because one of them called (advice: never call me before 9 a.m., bitches & hos, I don't care what time zone you're in) and proceeded to WHINE AND COMPLAIN. Look, beyotch, you had to drop stuff & do some work, but I can bet you dollars to doughnuts that I did more work than you! I will win this contest AND wear a crown of thorns with more style. Back it up!
So, pre-emptively, I sent emails to everyone else.

And the first response I got started like this, from a guy I've labeled a CLASS ACT:
"We are all at the mercy of the client, n'est pas, madmoiselle?"

And all my irritation just washed away, like one of those Calgon commercials.

Because apparently, if you speak to me in French (VIA EMAIL) before 9 a.m., I am putty in your hands. I don't care if he misspelled mademoiselle, the sentiment was there, cherie, and it instantly mellowed me. Come to think of it, when Eddie Izzard did his whole standup bit in French, I found him even more irresistible - kimono, eyeliner & all. Ze language of love, zees ees. Ecoutez, et repetez.
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