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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Eau de Poo

Ah, joyful dog ownership.

I came downstairs last night planning on heading to bed - actually sort of early for me, 9:50 p.m.! As I hit the last stair I smelled an AWFUL stench. So bad I actually looked on the floor for dog poop.
OH NO. "What happened?"
"Your dog."
"I let them out & she ran out front & ate cat crap."
"Wow. It's AWFUL."
Scrambling ensued, as we tried to find the giant CostCo can o' Lysol. Polly was banished to the living room & James paraded through the house, spraying disinfectant.
"I can't believe it smells this much!" I said, tossing Polly two "Yip Yap" dog breath fresheners.
"This is an emergency!" James declared, still pressing down the nozzle & eradicating germs everywhere.

So he trundled off to bed & I decided to hang out & wait for the smell to die down. I finished the "Grim Grotto", by Lemony Snickett, and around 10:30, called Polly to go to bed. As I headed into our bedroom in the dark, the stench hit me again, like a 2x4 cracking me across the nose. "Sheesh!" I thought, and leaned down to find her collar to "click" her in (we prevent night wanderings by keeping her on a leash, tied to the window.) My hands found stiff, icky fur.
OH hell. She didn't eat cat poop, she found a new dog poop cologne, and bathed in it.
Back to the bathroom. The smell was gageriffic. 30 minutes later she was clean, towel-dried, and I was ready for bed with a vengeance.

The joys of dog mommyhood. Just as poop-filled as regular people parents.
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