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Friday, January 21, 2005

Houston, We Have A Sofa

I got home from Knit Night around 10:45 last night, and I told myself as I unlocked the door, "The sofa didn't fit. They didn't get it in." I was pleasantly surprised: the sofa was IN!

IF you're just tuning in, I foolishly did not spend the extra $50 for delivery & we rediscovered just how badly we move furniture together. The largest and most unwieldy piece, the sofa, has been in the garage since January 3rd. We've had lots going on and the weather hasn't been really cooperative, so it's just been a waiting game, like a ticking bomb, and I've mentioned several times how much I did not want to be his moving partner on this escapade, mostly fueled by a desire to keep my marriage afloat. So, he called his buddy Tim, who came over after work & they maneuvered it in together, probably only communicating through grunts and whistles. (I did not even go NEAR our house, going straight from work to Hobby Lobby & then on to Knit Night!)

Hubby woke up as I crawled into bed. I told him the sofa looked great, and thanked him again.

I asked, "Was it hard to get in?"

The reply: "We would have killed each other."
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