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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

OOC, Baby, O. O. C.

OOC= Out Of Control. I wanna be the one. In control. Miss Jackson. I AM NASTY! I have tried to extricate myself from the Angry Eyes. HOWEVER. Now, the slipshod construction in our employee bathroom is making me mad, and I am viewing this as a sign of the apocalypse. I should not be this upset over doors that don't close quite right, or bang open when another door shuts. BUT COME ON. Sometimes the only peace I find is in the quietude of the bathroom stall, and to have to worry that the door's gonna fly open, that just jangles my nerves. The metal box for - you know, stuff you don't want to carry around, and need to throw away? That thing sits on the floor because it's not installed correctly. ICKY! The paper towel dispenser has a sharp edge on one side & people have cut their hands on it. Why don't we just re-tile with broken glass & put some ammonia in the soap dispensers for good measure?
It's not my company's fault, it's the building's fault. Sometimes, the lights are out. For hours. If you use the Skinny Person's stall, which was narrowed for the OSHA handicapped stall, you crack your knee into the toilet paper dispenser. OH GOD. Don't get me started back on those damned toilet paper dispensers. I got so mad I almost broke it one afternoon. Thank our Merciful Father that it was working ok today, because I might have found some Herculean strength & pulled the entire unit off the wall. OFF THE WALL. Michael Jackson. Great album. What happened, man? I'm disappointed in you. And let me tell you, that is NOT THE COLUMN YOU WANNA BE IN these days.

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