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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Little Lily and Her Hot Pink Sweater

I told my friend Julie I was "unnaturally excited" about her pregnancy, and sweet Lily has no idea how her crazy Unofficial Auntie Jen is going to dote on her. :) For starters, we present the absolutely adorable baby overalls and the hot pink hand-knit sweater I gave her at the baby shower.
The sweater is knit in ?yikes! I don't remember, it's acrylic, it's a kid's yarn, I bought it at The Studio. The pattern is wicked simple, it is a freebie from the KnitList gift exchange, and can be found here. The hair? That baby has some serious hair. Mamma has a head full o' hair, and Lily definitely inherited her hair, it seems - and for now, it's untameable, outrageous, and UBER CUTE! She's just so pretty. And snuggly. When I held her, she completely curls her head & body into you. Insert your "awwwwws" here.....
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