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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Worst Things Ever

I don't usually list out things I feel are dreadful, because who really needs a written reminder of awful things? But this week has gotten off to an abysmal start, and in the spirit of Best Things Ever, we have to have the rain and sad things to help our Best Things shine more brightly.

1. First item will be covered in tomorrow's post. I'm still reeling. And also feeling way old, and that I've already turned into a squawking senior citizen about These Kids Today.

2. My dear friend Kristin lost her gorgeous knitted Charlotte shawl on it's debut day. Heartbreaking. I see she has a similarly titled post as well. I continue to get tears in my eyes for her, it is just so unfair.

3. My darling dog and I have opposing ideas about what constitutes Best Thing Ever. According to Polly, Best Thing Ever! list includes rolling in dog poo. That would come, of course, right after EATING cat poo. Yesterday morning, she thoroughly coated herself in excrement. Why not? It has the same detoxifying qualities as a mud bath, and people pay good money to be detoxified. Here, we have it in the front yard for FREE! Yippee skippy! James put her in the kennel right away and then gave both dogs a bath when he got home last night. We're having Faux Spring right now, so he hooked up the hose and washed them outside. Unfortunately, Eau de PoochiePoo is a powerful, powerful cologne. She still wafted an ever-so-faint nasty scent every time she tried to snuggle up to me. So, before going to bed, we had an indoor bath as well, to wash away the last of the scent residue. Have you ever bathed a medium-to-large-sized dog in a tub? If so, you'll understand why I choose to be half-clothed, otherwise I'm in the wet t-shirt contest, party of one. It may not be the sexiest thing on earth, but it's functional & it works.

I told Miss Polly, while bathing her in the tub, that people would pay equally good money to be bathed and massaged and scrubbed by a topless woman. Some might even consider it to be a Best Thing Ever. However, I don't think it makes her list.....or mine.
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