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Sunday, February 27, 2005

We Interrupt This Program

Last night, I installed Windows 2000, upgrading my computer. Ya. Upgraded the OS, and eeeeverything else went into hiding! So yay! I get to geek out and re-organize my computer. It needed re-organization, but goood gollly miss molly. I have to hide & seek out every single document and image and file I had before I upgraded. It's the equivalence of a tornado coming through, and while it didn't destroy everything? It put everything into your neighbor's yard, and now you gotta go get it and put it away. And re-install every lovin' program I had on here before the upgrade. First item of bidness is to figure out why everything is in like, Gigantor Font for the Blind.
The terrier is on task. (I will come back in my next life as a rat terrier of some sort. I will get squeaky toys and shake them until their squeakers are gone. I will shake with excitement if I think an intruder is approaching. I will not rest until all my duties are done. Is it any wonder how much I enjoy Kyra's dogs? Grin!)
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