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Monday, February 28, 2005

The Imaginary Thai Happy Dance

Bekah asked what a happy Thai dance actually was, and unfortunately, everything I wanted to say to describe such a dance ended up sounding like Ashlee Simpson doing a hoedown. Not happy. I would imagine, though, you'd have to combine the Bangles' "Walk Like An Egyptian" with some very delicate footwork and bending knees. Think "King and I". And to really perfect the dance, you'd need one of those Jell-O mold hats, preferably in gold.

I'm having a rep lunch at Thai Place today, so that's always nice to eat for free. Though, as the t-shirts at a favorite lunch spot in Minneapolis always declared, "There is no free lunch." Which I didn't understand when I was there - dude! A sales rep is taking me to lunch, I'm relatively poor, this is a good thing! Free food! Then, the older I got and the more value I placed on my time, the more I understood why the lunch really wasn't "free". Combine it with some of the experiences I have had with reps and really, I should be charging an hourly fee in addition to my meal being paid for. I hate those lunches. I really don't go on them anymore, because the sensation of wanting to chew my arm off to escape the Lunch Trap isn't very appetizing.

But that is not the case today. My rep is an old friend, we hoot with laughter, and I think she looks at me with a little bit of amazement sometimes, that I'm so blunt and honest and not at all put off by her. Sort of like looking in a mirror.

I may try out the Thai Happy Dance and see what she thinks. Too bad I left my Jell-O mold hat at home today.
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