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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

George Michael, Will You Be My Friend?

I am listening (with headphones) to "Patience" by George Michael, and I want to be his friend. I have earned ENOUGH faghag points that I should be able to redeem them by now on a really big prize, and I choose you, George Michael.

I mean, think about how fun that would be. I'm just imagining getting all tipsy on mojitos with him, and after he's had enough to drink, convincing him to put on those really short shorts he always wore in the Wham videos. And the laughing - OH the laughing we would have at those silly old days. And then, I would confess how foolish I was as young girl, believing he could someday love me like that, before my gaydar became more finely-tuned, and how I look back now and wonder, WHY, HOW I never saw it, because it is so crystal clear, but nevermind, even after I knew you were gay, George Michael, you had to go and do that Fast Love video and then you made it into the sacred circle, of gay men I'd actually sleep with just out lust and affection.

Have a seat right over there, next to Ricky Martin.
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