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Monday, March 07, 2005

Clean Bills of Health.

On Saturday, the doggie girls went to the vet. They were VERY pissed at me, having been promised a spa morning, and instead were victims of an evil bait & switch. Polly weighed in at 42 pounds, Suzy at 84. Both were pronounced in excellent health, despite their roundworms (damn feral cat poo) and now they're on a regimen that includes regular de-worming on top of their heartworm dosing. They were relieved to leave, and our bank account was just, well, relieved of money. I confess, I gave them an extra milkbone each from the free bowl. Sheesharoo it costs some serious coin to take the dogs to the vet! My friend Shelley was my helper, and we ran a few errands afterwards, the highlight being a stop at Sheridan's Custard, where they give you a free pupcone if you bring your dog. Polly and Suzy LOVED the pupcones, except for the fact they're SO SMALL and where is the NEXT ONE?

Then I had my doctor appointment this morning, nothing like starting Monday with an ill-fitting paper shirt & a disposable speculum. Oh yeah, and getting blood drawn. I always request the baby needles, it may take a little longer but it doesn't hurt as much. I was very impressed with my phlebotomist, she was rapido and got the needle in without any problem. I showered her with compliments, because one of the last times I got my blood drawn (at a different location) the person kept exclaiming, "Your veins are SO RUBBERY!" as she proceeded to poke the needle up, down & around under my skin. That is one visual I never need to see again, because even though I'm pretty sturdy and try not to be wimpy about stuff, I had to say "Hey now. Maybe we should try one of those baby needles?" while looking away and trying not to pass out. I think I even gave her the Hairy Eyeball, which is supposed to strike fear into the hearts of every living thing but mostly makes me look funny.

So all of this means that the ladies of the house have been pronounced healthy & only one of us really needs to start exercising more, so dammit Suzy, get on that treadmill!

I got a Diet Coke at McD's afterwards, and they screwed up - I knew instantly that it was regular Coke, which always tastes good for the first few swigs? (especially if you're hungover, but I wasn't.) Then, as a Diet Coke purist, it just gets to be too much. Have you ever been in those little boutiques? Where they have 800 scents and everything's sweet and heady and a bit overwhelming? Well, if you could take that environment and make it into a beverage, then that's what drinking regular Coke tastes like to me. I gave up. As I came into work, I scammed a Diet Coke from a friend who was setting up for a client meeting. Yay! Normalcy is returning.

Knitting update: I've got two buttonhole bags ready to felt, and will follow up with before & after pictures tomorrow! I started Anouk from, and then there's still the Folly. I feel a surge of energy comin' for the Folly. It must be done while there's still a remote chance I can wear it before next winter.....
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