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Thursday, March 10, 2005

I Didn't Because It Wasn't My Couch

But I heard a very strong rumor tonight that the big top executives at Crate & Barrel are looking at the space on the Plaza once occupied by Saks 5th Ave. (Hell, for all I know they're still there? But if C&B is comin' they best get their asses in gear and GIT OUT.) Anyway, I nearly peed with excitement. But I didn't because I was on Beth's couch and that would have been Very Bad Manners.

But hooooo doggies. I used to always say, "I'd quit my job and go work there again if they came to Kansas City!" But of course we know that would be Insane Talk, seeing how every cent I'd make would just go back into the store, and then JWo and I would be livin' on the street (but with exceptionally nice furniture and barware!) I think I just miss being able to troll for deals and how great it is at Xmas and then Chicago's got the Outlet, which is awesomer than awesome. (Now, when I was in Mpls. I worked at C&B part time, just for the discount. I'm not above doing it again, peeps. This pull might be more powerful than - gasp - yarn!) Plus, I'd feel like maybe, just maybe, if they moved here, our city would get that retail oomph, like we're finally "making it" - I've said for YEARS this town would support it like crazy, just GET HERE already, and you know what seems to often follow our dearly beloved Crate & Barrel?

Ikea. Good thing I'm at home now typing this. Cleanup, Aisle 12.
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