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Thursday, March 31, 2005

I Just Can't Shut Up

Today is my day on Self Portrait Day, and I had to laugh at myself, because I just CAN'T answer the questions succinctly, apparently. Hi Jennifer, where do you live? OH blather blather blather and did I tell you about the time I got caught chewing gum back in Iowa and about the wild dogs? And about my body gnomes?

I think it's fitting that, on self portrait day, I am laughing at myself. I was branded a Social Butterfly at the age of 9, and it's never stopped. I love people, meeting new people, talking to strangers while we wait in line, making tiny connections with the world, because even though there are idiots and jerks and bad drivers (GOD there are bad drivers) out there, there are amazing human beings who also wanna say "hi" and who care about each other, whether it's in line at the grocery store or across the miles via a computer. Everyone has a story & they just want, to quote John Prine, someone to say, "Hello in there......"

Cheers to all of you, because as long as there's more of us than them, the world will be a better place.
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