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Monday, March 28, 2005

Why's it so beautiful?

I Quit My Job. That was the BIG news for today, in the World o' Jen. Boy-o-boy chef boy-ar-dee, did it feel good to resign. I've got a job at another agency, as their media director, and it's a much smaller place, with loads of opportunity. There will be loads of work, but hey, I'm used to loads of work, so why not get paid well and have more freedom and support at the same time? In any event, it was time for me to go. I start a week from today, so I'm going to try to enjoy a few days off, get some stuff done around the house, help my friend Mike with some committment-ceremony stuff, and in general try to rebuild some of my self that has eroded and pickled in my anger and resentments over the past couple of years. Can't be done in a week, I know, but at least I'm aware it's a rebuilding process. Thanks, BloggerBuds, for your well-wishes & positive thoughts on my behalf, because it worked!
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