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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Gadget Queen

You can shop, you can buuuuuy, having the time of your life (oooo oooo oooo)
Techno-girl, has everything, Jen is the gadget queen.......

But I don't have everything, I DON'T! I want an Oompa Loompa NOOOOOW. I am going to have to start stomping my foot. It fits my personality far too well, and I do often put my hands on my hips.

I love gadgets. Technology. Gizmos. Jump Drives. Digital anythings. Plasma TVs. iPods. I do not OWN a plamsa tv, iPod, high-end digital camera, or even a phone that takes pictures. I will be upgrading from my Clie' organizer because my software will not integrate with the newer Office at my job, and I CAN'T give up my Clie' lifestyle, plus I can justify upgrading anything after two years. Let me tell you, I can still drive better than everyone else, even when I'm looking up a number in my Clie' to dial on my cell phone, all on the highway. Mmmhmmm. Fear me now or slap me lay-tah. (Seriously, I only do that like, twice a year. Honest.) But if I could, I would have every single high-end technological advancement known to humankind. A roombah would vacuum our floors, while the mowbah or whatever it's mowing equivalent is called, would mow our lawn. Everything would have Bluetooth technology, despite my only vague understanding of it, however, it seems important to wireless things, and of course, everything would be wireless. We'd have laptops downstairs, and I'd also have that damned under-counter radio/cd player/television screen gizmo that costs $400. Because I NEEDS to watch TV while I prepare a meal. MMhhmm! And we'd have more DVR boxes around the house, for convenience & ability to tape, tape, tape - more, more, more. And a tempurpedic adjustable mattress. And a MiniCooper, even though I really doubt I've even fit into one. They're just so damned CUTE.

I love my jump drive. I feel very spy-like with it, because it's tiny & plugs in to any computer and can hold volumes of documents. Of course, I only have the 128 meg, and there's one that's all 564 or something, like more than some computers, so much memory. There's just always another level of inspiration out there. JWo thinks it's unnecessary and borderline insane, but I come by it fair & square - after all, my father loves the gadgets as much as the next bloke, and he always insisted on the best gadgets for himself.

MMMMM. gadgets. technology. oompa loompas. my friends.
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