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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Schmaltz Alert

True Confession. I am a child of the 80's, and therefore, I DO love soft rock the way YOU love soft rock, just like the commercial said. Not enough to ever listen to for an hour, but when a good fist-clenchin' ballad comes along (not Michael Bolton), like "Here and Now", by Luther Vandross? I get all soft-serve inside.

I'm totally diggin' the digital cable channel "VH1 Classic", despite my resistance to being labeled "Classic". I'm sure I'll really enjoy labels when Duran Duran is played under the header "Music of Our Lives" ..... sheesh......

OK, and what's up with Eric Roberts in both the Killer's video & the new Mariah Carey video? I thought I was going crazy when I spied him in the second one.... Eric Roberts is IN my TV and stalking me. Alert the dogs! BURF!

New Job Update: Going well, the people are awesome, but of course it's a bit overwhelming at first. There's loads of stuff to do, and there's a huge need to get some structure & systems going. I just need to remind myself I can't do it all in one day. :) One day down, 364 to go, right? :) And I'm trying to actually be on time for this job so that means I should skedaddle & get dressed.......I need a chauffeur, so I can do stuff on my drive! I knew there was something I forgot to negotiate.....
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