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Monday, April 11, 2005


Here's an odd thing (at least in perspective of the past couple years):
It's Monday morning, and I don't feel like I'm wearing boots made of concrete!

The Weekend Retrospective: James took my car on Saturday to his waterfowler's meeting, so I was depending on the kindness of strangers (well, ok, my best friend Shelley, who was up for an adventure).... we went to the first big yarn sale at the Yarn Shop, which was VERY crowded (yes it was Chelle! and I'm a li'l claustrophobic too!) and there were bran' new knittahs there, because one of them started asking my friend Shelley for advice and she tossed her right over to me. Poor thing was looking at one of THE most complicated patterns I'd ever seen, in hopes of making a sleeveless top for her daughter. We looked at some yarn together & I extolled my personal prejudices against 100% cotton, especially for a new knitter. (I'm such a hatah.) Anyway, I did manage to make some purchases, choosing the "cash/checks" line which was infinitely shorter.

I got two skeins of Lorna's Laces pink/purple shepherd sock yarn, a skein of black sock yarn, two skeins of jaggerspun Zephyr silk/wool in Ruby, and one skein of ALP, which looks a little like novelty upchuck - it's definitely a competitor to Wild Stuff/Cool Stuff, with loads of different yarns that change as you go! I got the ruby-red color scheme, it will make a very loud, fun scarf. And a couple things of stitch markers and a 47" Addi - in a 0. Shelley observed that all the yarn I bought matched my red seatbelt bag purse. I musta been in a very red place.

However, that changed by the time we got to Nailcessities, because the next thing on our agenda was a mani/pedi, and I have pink chiclet fingernails & hot pink toes. It was awesome - they even will give you complimentary soft drinks &/or wine! Seein' as how it was 10:30 in the morning, we passed on the vino. But all their pedicure chairs are shiatsu massage chairs, too, so I had a field day (and probably looked like an utter goofball.) Definitely going back. Then, Starbucks and Target - as I told James, the only thing missing from Saturday was THAI FOOD to make my day a banner day! Dammit Jen, we didn't get that worked in. Yesterday we tried, but Thai 2000's gas wasn't working so we ended up at Ted Turner's Montana Grill up by Cabela's/NE Furniture Mart - where, for the first time in my life, I had to send my bison burger back TWICE because it kept coming out rare, and I can only do medium on ground anything. Wet raw meat does not make a Jen happy. To their credit, the restaurant staff was AWESOME about it, our waitress completely agreed that I was not being unreasonable, even though I was feeling a little nuts on the second try, and the cook even waited by the table on the 3rd burger to be sure it was done - and they took it off our bill. So we were pleased with the food, overall, and they didn't even come near the Customer Service Hot Button gnome.

Well, we have this craaazy Monday morning status meeting & I thought I'd make it even better by bringing Lamar's (because Lamar's donuts have the power to turn even a funeral into a party) I best get ready and be ON TIME, again with that foreign, foreign concept. I would NEVER be a good schoolteacher. Plus wanting to put shock collars on the kiddos probably wouldn't go over well, either. And the yardstick I'd be whackin' on desks. And the megaphone. I love me a megaphone.
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