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Saturday, April 16, 2005

BackYard Band

Here's a crazy question for y'all! If you could have ONE band, playing in your backyard all summer, which band would it be? And then - whoa nelly - if you could have TWO bands, because, you know, it would be nice to let that first band rest sometimes, who would the second band be? (And they can't be dead bands. That would violate reality laws even more than this exercise.)

Last year, I got into Coldplay like nobody's business, and I turned to JWo at one point and said, "If I could just have them playing in the backyard all summer, that would be AWESOME!" And then we threw out other bands, too - and the winner, for me, for one band, all summer long, would be U2. They can rock it out, they can make it mellow (you know, for when you're going to bed - you don't need "Elevation" crankin' out while you're trying to sleep) But wouldn't it be awesome to wake up on a summer Saturday morning to hear "Beautiful Day"?!

Picking a second band gets tougher. James is probably expecting me to say "Snow Patrol", I'm sure, because I haven't worn that CD out yet..... I lean towards Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, with my only hesitation being my experience seeing them a couple years ago & while it was mostly the sound system's fault, it kinda sucked. JWo would want me to pick the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but I'd never get anything done, seeing as how I'd be throwing myself at everyone in the band, all the time. (Boy do they ever put on a good show, though, every time we've seen them!) Plus you've got to think about balance, what with U2 headlining the backyard.

So, while he's not a band, per se, I'd have to go with Moby. Li'l Moby, with his ears-made-for-pulling, the techno-genius in a soundproofed apartment, spinning & twisting and making some seriously unique stuff. Plus - and this is TOTALLY breaking the pick-a-band rules - think of all the people he could call up to come in and perform for a day, as a guest artist!

Unfortunately for JWo, that won't include Eminem......I think he's gifted, but seriously, I don't need that kind of anger in the backyard.
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