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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just Another Day At The Salt Mines...

...well, except Warren Buffet was there.

Not really. But in my dream, he was! Warren & I were in adjoining cubes, and he was having a devil of a time with his computer. I was wildly swinging between cool as a cucumber & frazzled, that I had THE Warren Buffet, at work, sitting next to me! I was trying to switch between work, and writing a blog post about him being there (yes, I even blog in my dreams, it would seem!) My old boss from St. Louis came over & I had to stop blogging, but he was more concerned with Warren's increased frustration with his computer and why things weren't loading.

I leaned back & saw he was trying to do something on the internet. I said, "Warren? Are you using Firefox?" and he impatiently said, "Of course I am!" and I then suggested he re-boot his computer, that usually works for me.

Now, my geek friends, surely you are laughing at this point. I remember having a "Oh-no-he-di-n't" face when he said he used Firefox.

I'm guessing Warren's good friend Bill is going to get some retribution in my next dream.


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