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Monday, April 17, 2006

Still Knitting....

I took some pictures of all my finished objects yesterday - I have been bad about updating on the knitting front, but I have finished two scarves & two pairs of socks, plus a third pair on the needles. (for my dad; I feel like hand-knit socks are hugs for your feet.)

I would put all the pictures in here but our internet connection at work is a PITA. And I have a hundred things to do today. So! If you care to click on my Flickr badge over there on the right, the first bunch of photos/most recent are of the Noro scarf, the Opera scarf, the beaded hand-dyed socks, the On Line bright self-patterned socks, and the blue/green socks for my dad. I'm also going to knit him a lightweight hat, like a Kufi-style hat, so if he loses his hair & wants something soft for his head, he will have it.

Oh, look, the little gerbils started running on the wheel & the internet's going a little faster:

On Line socks
Riotous Socks

And now the gerbils are taking a smoke break. No wonder they can't power the wheel more than five minutes at a time. Damn smokin' gerbils.
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