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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Let Us End With Hope, and A Little Humor

I had a good conversation with my father late today, no real news, that will be tomorrow, and even then, they still do not know where the source of the cancer is. But treatment (radiation) has been mentioned, and really, all I wanted to hear was him sounding so much better, which he did. He is out of patience for everyone rushing around as though he is about to die. He suggested perhaps the influx of visitors and well-wishers bring pointy sticks with them, so they can poke him & see that, in fact, he is still alive. Once I know what the next steps are, I will plan to visit him and, well, poke him with a stick. He invited it.

Tonight is the least obsessed I have been in five days. That's not saying the obsession and rumination and big hamster wheelin' ain't happening, but it's at least half a step down from code red. or code purple. Who knows what code level I've attained lately.

Here's the funny part. Someone found my blog today, by searching for the word "dickcakes". I thought, when in hell have I ever even USED that word? And why was I surprised to discover, that indeed, I did say it.

Scrotum Pie. There. Now another wacko can find me.
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