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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Debacle City!


One of the cakes fell. So now it's three layers, I whacked the top part of the fallen cake off - it will be good with some leftover frosting.

WHICH brings me to the debacle - oh, yes! You thought the cake falling was it?

I keep all our baking goods in rubbermaid containers. Some are the same size. This may seem superfluous, but there's a reason I share this information. I started out making a double batch of cream cheese frosting. I had half the powdered sugar added, and was dumbfounded by the recipe. It was balling up, the kitchen-aid mixer was straining (though fleetingly I thought, maybe it will burn up & I can finally get a newer bigger one!) - and then I tasted it, yep, needs more sugar. What is the DEAL????

Oh, golly, maybe because I wasn't using powdered sugar? Nope. Fucking cornstarch. FUCKETY FUCK FUCK FUCK. There went four packages of cream cheese & two sticks of butter, into the trash. (plus two cups of cornstarch but that shit can burn in hell right now.)

I'm a little peeved...however, I have tasted the cake & the new, fresh, correctly-made frosting, and it is awesome. Good thing we shop at Costco & I have everything in BULK.
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