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Friday, May 13, 2005

More Costco Adventures....

Well, I do love the CostCo. I love saying "THE CostCo", because I feel like I'm already moving right into being the amusing, yet grouchy, eighty-year-old woman with large black plastic shades over my regular eyewear that I am destined to become. I already have the cane from my gymnastics accident last fall, I just need to shake it at people.

So, last night, as Miss Kristin & I breezed through all the foodstuffs, stopping to devour a sample or three, I discovered one of my favorite things to do: Lie to people, specifically, people I'll never be accountable to, ever again. One of the sample-server people admired the enormous cake we had in the cart, and believe you me, CostCo cake is one of the greatest sugar delivery methods on the face of the planet. You can get cheesecake-flavored filling, and icing made with real Philadelphia cream cheese. And you can have them decorate it with a princess, and I'm here to tell you right now that Subway got all the artists in the food industry, because the representation of princesses on CostCo cakes is a little lacking when it comes to the beauty department. They're actually ok, until it comes to features, and then you just get the standard two black dots and a smile. It looks funny as hell to me. Anyway, we were getting the admiration from the worker, and I breezily replied, "Thank you! It's for our niece's birthday. She's six." Like Kristin and I are sisters, or lesbanese, and it was for OUR six-year-old niece, NOT for our fellow knitter, Kim, who is at least 29.

As we wheeled away, Kristin started laughing at me - "What the hell was that?"
And I said, "It's fun to lie freely to people I'll never have to answer to, ever again." It feels fun, it's not hurting anyone, and it's in the same category as JWo at a restaurant, always putting us in under his alternative name, "Kowalski". It also feels a little like that kid we were & we all outgrow and forget about, so long ago, who makes up stuff and adventures and friends or pets, and can convincingly talk to you about Snuffles the Magic Turtle, or the invisible friend Ethel who only shows up to chat when you have to pee. (I had a friend who had one of those, for real!)

Our little niece, Kim Kowalski. I hope she has fun on her big birthday today. ;)
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