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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Keep Your Hands at Ten and Two, Sir.

JWo and I went to a party last night thrown by one of the outdoor vendors in town - it was really fun: great decorations, including elaborate ice sculptures, martinis and loads of food. Fabulous weather, too. They even gave away prizes, like iPod shuffles and a playstation, and did we win? NO. Oh well. We still got dinner for free, and we're simple folk, that's good enough. On the drive back, I was behind the wheel & I commented on the driver in front of me (of course! I am the best driver in the WORLD!), and muttered, "WHY does this guy keep hitting his brakes?!?"

JWo (being a smartass): "He's gittin' a handjob."

And we were laughing & then, one second later, the passenger in the truck scooted closer to the driver and then THE OUTLINE OF SAID PASSENGER DISAPPEARED as she dove face-first into the driver's lap! OH MAH GAWD. JWo was only joking about the handjob but it was actually true, and apparently the distracting situation had - shall we say - escalated!

Let me say, despite JWo's hootin' and hollerin' and thumbs-uppin' as we passed the dude: not only did Mr.(presumably) Happy's driving skills continue to deteriorate? His driving SUCKED!
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