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Friday, May 06, 2005

Cinco de Me-O

Boy, howdy, I do like the tequila. Not in vast, falling-down quantities, of course, but I still marvel at how many different kinds there are still out there, waiting for me to try them. The new bosses decided to buy everyone beverages at the bar/restaurant next door, starting at 4 pm yesterday, and I had a shot of something called "Patron" - it's a sign of good tequila when you DON'T need salt or a lime to keep your face from screwing up into a pre-toddler wail.

Anyway, I went off to knit night in a considerably giddier state of mind than I normally do, and all my co-workers were stunned I was leaving the partying to GO KNIT. I said, "I can't stay any longer, my gauge will be OFF!" which of course meant nothing to them, and at first they thought I was using "knitting" as a euphamism for something else. To borrow from JWo, they will need more time to reconcile the contradictions that are the Jennifer - a girl who can toss back the top shelf tequila, AND knit like your gramma.

Funny crib notes from knit night? One individual was bestowed the title of "Master Baker", which said quickly sounds extremely funny, and good old Mike Hunt came up in conversation, which meant we were giggling and snorting like ten-year-olds. But the funniest? The development of a practical joke on someone we know who WORSHIPS Alice Starmore & her patterns, to plant someone near her at the yarn shop with a photocopy of one of the patterns & something that looked like it was just being cast on for such a sweater - out of Red Heart. Preferably in a variegated dyelot, for an Extra Ugly factor.

(Alice Starmore aran sweaters are unbelievable and incredibly complex - the charts alone make me flinch & my left eye starts twitching. So to knit them in Red Heart? :clutching at one's heart: It would drive someone to drink - probably an entire bottle of tequila, including the worm.)
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