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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Man Who Go Through Turnstile Sideways


(That's James' joke. It's one of the very few I can remember.)

There's a reason I'm talking about Bangkok and Thailand today, because my best friend Shelley just got home after spending three weeks in Thailand! I've missed her while she was gone, catching myself as I reached for my cell phone, or the home phone, to call her and tell her about something funny or scandalous. We have loads to catch up on, but we did have a short chat yesterday morning, where I ascertained she did NOT get engaged, as many thought she might, she is NOT going to eat rice for a long time, and she DID ride an elephant and get to play with their trunks. BITCH! How freaking awesome is that?

She went there with her boyfriend & his uncle's church group, where they worked in a village, building a water system. She slept on the floor of a thatch hut, and they apparently lucked out and had a more deluxe model, with planks, surrounded by a bamboo floor. (bamboo! Abbey, I'm gonna kill you for ingraining your little Bamboo! voice in my head.) Under the hut: chickens and roosters. Apparently roosters cock-a-doodle whenever the hell they feel like expressing themselves, not just at sunrise. And when it rained, birds and whatnot took shelter in their hut as well, because it's not like it was a hut with a door and double-glazed windows. I cannot wait to see the pictures. I can't wait to SEE her! I guess it also was quite hot, as they returned to the city of Chang Mai, where they had thermometers, and it was 104 degrees. She was a foot taller than all the people there, and they kept chirping, "Big one! Big one!" when they saw her. She was like, uh, yeah, thanks.

And apparently? If you are riding an elephant & they go downhill? You hang on for DEAR LIFE.

So in honor of Shelley returning from Thailand, I finally present photos from an awesome brunch at THAI 2000! I bet she doesn't want to go on Sunday.
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