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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Morning or Night?

When I filled out my personality profile for college, one of the questions was, "Are you a morning or night person?"
I decided to ask my parents, and they both erupted in laughter. My mother said, while gasping, "Morning? Night? You're neither!"

Well, piss off, that doesn't help me guarantee I'll get a roommate who will be my best friend forever and make my first year at college the greatest ever! Maybe I sleep all the time to escape you nutjobs who don't understand me. I think I checked "morning", even though I desperately wanted to be a night person. Night people seemed much cooler from my home in the middle of nowhere without television. Night people surely partied, while morning people were dairy farmers and never left Iowa, ever.

Now, at the ripe age of 36, I still don't have it figured out. I've been both in my life - in college I hardly slept the first year, what with all the new experiences and PARTIES, but I still got up early every day, even if I was hungover. I probably lean towards being a night person because, hey, once you're up, it's easier to stay up than GET up. If you just push through that first round of sleepy, you can catch the second wind and stay up til, oh, 1 a.m. - but heaven help you on the flip side the next day. I have a greater appreciation of sleep with everything JWo went through with his sleep apnea. I also have had several bouts of insomnia, which left me feeling quite manic, jittery, and not really a safe driver. I keep thinking I'll pull it off, become something of a morning person again, get up & work out, have breakfast, read the whole paper, and still slide in to work on time. Hope springs eternal and self-delusion is a wonderful thing. :grins:

Oh, my roommate in college? Heh. We were pretty good friends but haven't kept up with each other. She started things off by locking me out of our room the first night because she brought a boy back to our room, and after she promised to be out in ten minutes, I went & sat on the steps of our dorm, looking out into the night, thinking, "Boy, I sure hope this doesn't happen every night," and ten minutes lasted into twenty and then I marched back to our door and demanded she finish the hell up and let me in. Damned if I would spend my first night at college in the lounge on the couch! Man, she's at least one or three blog entries....

I leave you with my ode to sleeping in on Saturday morning: There is nothing greater than being able to sleep, uninterrupted by an alarm, or internal alarms ringing wildly about all the stuff you have to do. To wake up at 7 a.m., yawn, stretch, and then snuggle back into the warmth of bed and sleep until you are fully rested? Bliss. Pure as snow.
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