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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Move Over, Martha.

This morning, I deadheaded the deep purple tulips, because they were spent. Then I was about to deadhead the orange-red parrot tulips, but I noticed that they were still in really good shape, so I thought, Self! Let's have a bouquet! That takes care of future deadheading, and it will look very pretty!

So I made a de-GORgeous bouquet out of those tulips, and decided it was so stunning, I had to take some pictures. I felt like I had in front of me, a flower arrangement worthy of Martha. Except I'm competitive, so instead of wanting her approval, I was all, YEE-HAW, eat this, Marty!

Then the dogs got involved. Milling about. Suzy kept coming up and wanting to investigate the flowers, and I thought, "Awwwww. Wouldn't that be sweet? A picture of BigSuzy, stopping to smell the tulips." (These tulips actually smell pretty good.) So I'm snapping my fingers and trying to focus and trying to get her attention, but also get my hand OUT of the picture in time, and Suzy strolls up - and - TAKES A TULIP PETAL IN HER MOUTH AND PULLS.

Oh, man, MOVE bitch, get out the way, the whole arrangement is knocked over, cold water EVERYwhere, I'm yelling, trying to make sure the camera's not soaked, I'm wearing my crocs, fortunately, but unwittingly, I then tromp water from the living room to the kitchen, and I spend ten minutes sopping up water while intermittently yelling "BAD!" I get the tulips restored, fresh water put in, the tulips are on the kitchen table now, so they won't be so tempting to bad dogs looking for a new-fangled snack.

And Suzy has the funniest face when she knows she's in trouble. So, had to take a picture of that, too.
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