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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Whazza Shrimpdig?

The 2nd Annual NuWo Shrimpdig has morphed out of JWo's involvement with his waterfowl group here in Missouri. Let it never be said I don't give props where props is due. One of his fellow members hosted a crawdad/shrimp boil a couple years ago, and not only did JWo come home raving about it, he showed me PICTURES. So, green with envy, I insisted we have one, too. And the bonus part about this fellow member in his group? The dude works at a seafood distributor here in town, so we get a hell of a deal. And the distributor has some of the best restaurants in town as clients, including a favored sushi place, so we knooooow we're gettin' good stuff. And yummy good it is. Last year, we had a whopping ten people partake, this year, we tripled our numbers. We ask for $10/person to shave some of our costs - that gets you non-alcoholic beverages, red potatoes & corn (this Iowa gal shucked ALL 35 ears) and it's all-you-can-snarf 22-count/lb shrimp & seasoned crawdads. If you wanna bring a side dish, or dessert, the crowd thanks and loves you. No biggie if you don't. The upside/downside this year was how damned chilly it got - we love cooler weather, but it was downright COLD when the sun went down, and poor Kristin was trying to knit & I was thinking her needles might just freeze right onto her hands if she didn't stop.

I shortened the name from "Shrimp Shindig" to "Shrimpdig" because it's just as descriptive & more succinct. And while I always think I'm gonna eat two pounds of shrimp, it never fails - I get full. Damn MommaLinda's sweet cornbread. I share her recipe with you, and if you want to just slap the ingredients right on your hips, you can skip the whole metabolic process. I also give you - one happy, shrimp-eatin' JWo. And some other party pix.

Momma Linda's Decadent Cornbread Recipe

1 can creamed corn
1 can kernel corn, drained
8 oz. Sour cream
½ cup milk
1 c. Monterey jack cheese
2 boxes Jiffy cornbread mix
1 stick melted butter
3 eggs

Mix all ingredients together – pour into a greased pan & bake 50 minutes at 350 degrees!

I'm a shrimp eater! Posted by Hello

Abbey, Jeremy, Ashley & Russell. Everybody looks COLD. Posted by Hello

Randy, Julie & Lily. Lily is non-plussed about crawfish. Go away, daddy & get me some zweiback. Posted by Hello

Beth, Mark, Jimmi, Judy, Kristin & Justin. Different stages of consumption. People are still semi-warm here due to the ball of fire in the sky. Posted by Hello

Roger, before I took 14 more pictures of him. So he's still smiling. Posted by Hello

Kristin, shortly before her hands froze off. Posted by Hello

Judy. She's Canadian so it felt like Summer to her. Posted by Hello

Sara, Paul, and a fire. Posted by Hello

Roger hits his limit with me. I'm trying out "Sport" mode on my camera. Posted by Hello

Suzy enjoyed all the pets and begged shamelessly. She might have gotten into the beer from the looks of this picture. Posted by Hello

Polly shows off her GIANT bone (each dog got one!) Posted by Hello
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